Internet Services

xxLINK Internet Services is the first Dutch commercial information provider on the Internet. Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, it provides Dutch companies, institutions and individuals with a means to present themselves internationally on the Internet. The available information encompasses the commercial, tourist, research and educational fields. Most information will be available in multiple languages.

The WorldWideWeb (HTML) format is the main vehicle of xxLINK for making information available on the Internet. Our services consist of the following items:

  • Internet Service Consultancy
  • Homepage and Website Design and Maintenance
  • Server Facility Management
  • Development and Exploitation of Directory Services
  • Marketing Information Services
Coming from a background in Computer Based Training, xxLINK combines the know-how of the Internet with the know-how of presenting information in a graphical format on a computer screen. xxLINK adds quality information to the Internet by maintaining high standards of presentation and content, as well as a technical infrastructure that will ensure world-wide responsiveness 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. xxLINK intends to participate in the creation of and/or will conform to new standards for the WorldWideWeb.

You can reach xxLINK Internet Services by... (obsolete...).


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