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Access Lists

Access lists are the key to Group Notes. A person who creates a notesfile is automatically registered as a "director" of the file. A director can edit the access list to specify who else can access the notesfile and with what privileges. Access can be specified for individual user IDs or for entire work groups, and any level of access can be granted to the general public (anyone not specifically listed).

There are six access levels:

  • Director
  • Read/write
  • Read/respond
  • Read-only
  • Write-only
  • No access
Read/write is the most common type of access. It permits both writing new notes and responding to existing notes.

Read/respond permits responding, but not writing new notes.

Write-only access permits a user to write new notes, but not read or respond. It is sometimes used as a blanket access level for the public, providing a way for someone to request access to a private notesfile. It is also useful for collecting comments from the public about some issue, while maintaining the privacy of each person's remarks.

Generally, anyone who can read a notesfile can also view its access list, although the director can choose to prohibit this.

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