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Reading By Date

Notes offers a way to read all notes and responses written since a certain date and time. This feature is designed so that you can sequence through all new postings using a single key. For every note with new responses, the base note is displayed first to provide context. A keypress then skips to the first new response. Pressing the same key repeatedly sequences through the rest of the response chain, and then skips to the next note with new responses.

In 1978, John Matheny implemented the Notes Sequencer, a great boon to habitual notes readers. The Sequencer lets you create a personal list of the notesfiles you read regularly, and automatically keeps track of the last time you read each one. Using the Sequencer, you can quickly scan all the notesfiles in your list for new postings with a minimum of key presses.

Copyright © 1994 by David R. Woolley

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